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Language for Grant Proposals

If you are preparing a grant proposal, please consider adding some information about C-FAHR in your "Facilities and Resources" page.

Here is an example of some verbiage you may include:

Consortium for Families & Health Research. Drs. XXX and XXX are affiliates in the Consortium for Families and Health Research (C-FAHR) at the University of Utah. C-FAHR is a multi-disciplinary research consortium, established in 2014 with funding from the Vice President of Academic Affairs and administrative support from the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences. The consortium involves an interdisciplinary group of scholars that seeks to understand how the family system can be utilized to improve the health and health care of individuals across the life span. Researchers are developing state-of-the-art models and methods to inform how families can facilitate health promoting behaviors and adjust to a variety of chronic illnesses. Currently, the consortium brings together faculty from 11 departments across 5 colleges from the University of Utah. The consortium provides pilot funding to interdisciplinary teams, opportunities for presentation of completed and in-progress work, workshops and training related to data design and analyses, and statistical consultations services to its members.

Last Updated: 3/24/21